General Comment


My aim with this collection of data is to ease access for future “Smith” researchers in Essex. 


It has not been practical for me to transfer Census detail from 1841 - 1911 into these pages although I have taken my work up to 1911 to facilitate those who are looking at those records.


It also makes easier the task of those following me as they will know where to look in the Church Registers for the additional detail that is often stored there.


Occasionally I have strayed from my own guidelines because a particular entry has appealed to me for one reason or another - I apologise if that could confuse confusion as that is not my intent !








The BMD details which are in Italics are taken from Non-Conformist Records.


Protestant Dissenters' Registry.

The increased requirement to provide evidence of birth led the Dissenting Deputies (representing Baptists, Congregationalists & Presbyterians) to establish a births register of their children in 1743 at the Dissenters Library. Originally for parents living within 12 miles of London it subsequently became open to anyone, regardless of distance or denomination, provided a fee was paid. Contains almost 50,000 births. Registered at Rev. Daniel Williams Library, Redcross Street, Cripplegate, London Start date April 6th 1743 End date Dec 30th 1837


Many of the earlier records, particularly those in the C16th were taken from the amassed records of the Church of Latter Day Saints aka the Mormons.