Ann Barnes (66) is the eldest child of Ann Smith


 She was born at Blackmore in Essex in 1829.


She married William Pemberton (67) at Havering-atte-Bower in 1850.





                   The Morning Chronicle 2nd November 1850



           Chelmsford Chronicle 3rd January 1851



In 1851 they were living at The Round House in Havering, but by 1861 had moved to 8 Grand Parade, Hastings in Sussex.


They moved again to Quarry Cottage – with its own private swimming pool – on West Hill, St Leonards, Sussex .before 1871.


On 14th November, 1872 William died and the family returned to Havering-atte-Bower before 1881.


Ann lived a peripatetic life on her own private means being at The Hall, Havering-atte-Bower in 1881;

The Grange on Brockfield Road in Havering in 1891;

3 Princess Terrace, Heene, Worthing in Sussex in 1901 and she returned, finally, to the Hall at Havering before 1911.


The Hall at Havering-atte-Bower 1908



She died on the 14th February, 1912.





         Chelmsford Chronicle 23rd February 1912






                   The London Observer 14th February 1874





It is worthwhile digressing a little and taking a look at William Pemberton Barnes, born in 1819 at Wood End Farm, Beauchamp Roding, Essex.


He was the son of Joseph and Honour Pemberton, both of whom were born around 1791.


He had six siblings all of whom were born at Beauchamp Roothing: Joseph – 1814; Lydia – 1816; Sarah – 1817; Lucy – 1819; George – 1829 and Henry – 1831.


In 1841 William, at the age of 20, is simply described as a farmer at Wood End Farm.


Ten years later he is aged 30, married and living at The Round House, Havering-atte-Bower with a description of being a House and Land Proprietor.


So, if you had been asking the question, this is where much of the wealth of Thomas Barnes came to after the death of John Barnes in the lunatic asylum. 


But, as can be seen from AnnÕs probate details above where she left £22.000 plus and WilliamÕs seen below:




only some £32000 is accounted for so we have to look elsewhere for the remainder.


         Chelmsford Chronicle 22nd November 1872


The Morning Post 19th November 1872


         East London Observer 23rd November 1872





In the Churchyard, Havering-atte-Bower


Ann and William, who had taken the married surnames of Pemberton Barnes, had nine (Ten?) children:


William Herbert Pemberton Barnes         Born 1853


Emily Ann Pemberton Barnes                Born 1854


Ernest Pemberton Barnes                      Born 1855


Amy Clara Pemberton Barnes                Born 1857

         Essex Standard 4th February 1857


This cutting from the Essex Standard of 22nd April 1859 is indicative of another son.


Percy Pemberton Barnes                       Born 1860


Sydney Willie Pemberton Barnes           Born 1862   

                                                        Died 25th April 1918


This cutting is taken from the London Standard of 6th July, 1865 and, notwithstanding the misspelling, is indicative of another daughter


Lilla Pemberton Barnes                         Born 1866                                                                                      Died 6th November 1896


Reginald Pemberton Barnes                   Born 1867                                                                                      Died  23rd January 1868


Gertrude Pemberton Barnes                   Born 1870