Benjamin Bingham Smith (57) was born in 4th August, 1842 in Abbots Roothing, Essex the son of Benjamin Smith



He was boarding at The Round House with his aunt, Ann Barnes nee Smith, in 1861 at which time he was employed as a clerk.


Just to confuse matters he was boarding with his cousin, also Benjamin, whom we have seen above.


He married Louise Hester Burrell (58), another cousin, in 1868 in Camberwell.





She was born in Bocking, Essex on 5th November, 1841.


By 1871 they were living at 14 Alpha Street, St Giles, Camberwell.


He was working as an accountant and they had had their first child, Louisa E Burrell. Louisa Emma died in 1871. 




The Windmill at White Roothing



By 1881 Benjamin was a Business Agent.


The family was living at 24 Linden Grove, Camberwell. (This is the same Linden Grove as that where Hesther Burrell died – see above)

Despite the loss of a child they had had seven more and were employing three household staff.


In 1891 they have moved down the road to 62 Linden Grove.


Frank seems to have moved out whilst the infant daughter, born in 1881, does not seem to have survived.


Meanwhile, Bertha was added to the family in 1884 and Benjamin describes himself as an auctioneer.


Louisa died in 1899 at the age of 57.



1901 sees the family removed to 6 Tennison Road, Croydon in Surrey where widower Benjamin is working stall as an auctioneer and trade valuer.


Benjamin Bingham Smith died in Lewisham in 1908.




 Their children were:


Louisa Emma Smith                   Born 1869 in Surrey                                          Died in 1871  


Louisa Emily Smith                   Born 1870 in Camberwell, Surrey


Hester Smith                             Born 1871 in Camberwell, Surrey


Amy Smith                               Born 1871 in Camberwell, Surrey


Frank Smith                              Born 1876 in Camberwell, Surrey


Lizzie Smith                             Born 1878 in Camberwell, Surrey


Edwin Smith                             Born 1879 in Camberwell, Surrey


Bertha Smith                             Born 1884 in Hastings, Sussex


Unnamed                                  Born in 1881