Charles Smith (111)  was born on 18th January, 1845 in White or Abbotts Roothing.



In 1861 he was at home farming at Leaden Hall, Leaden Roothing, but by 1871 he had moved to the Stewardship of Wares Farm at Good Easter, Chelmsford.


He married in 1871 to Martha Oliver (182).



Her father was James Brill Oliver, born 1804, in Abridge, Essex.


In 1861 he was farming 75 acres with 3 men and 1 boy.


Martha was living in Aythorpe Roding at age 17.


At census time in 1871 she was visiting her sister, Lydia, at Lower House Farm, High Easter.


Martha died at the age of 95 on 14th September, 1938.





In 1881 Charles was farming Wares Farm on his own account. There were 230 acres and he employed 7 men and 1 boy.


In 1885 he attended the funeral of a neighbour as is reported in this column from the Chelmsford Chronicle of 20th February.




He had retired by the age of 56 and in 1901 was living at 5 Clatterford End, Good Easter.


He died in 1907.




Charles and Martha had seven children:


Ellen Smith                              Born 1873


Francis Mary Smith               Born 1874


Lydia Ann Smith                    Born 1874


John Oliver Smith                  Born 1876


Lotty Smith                             Born 1880


Edward Henry Smith              Born 1882


Edith Lucy Smith                    Born 1887