Edward Coles Jeffries (139) was born in Peckham Rye, Surrey in 1869.




He initially lived at 3 Heaton Place, Camberwell but had moved to 5 Peckham Rye, Camberwell in 1881.


At the age of 21 he was a draperŐs assistant living at 12 – 20 Henrietta Street, Marylebone, London.


He married  Jeanne Perchard Labey (266) in 1900.


She had been born in 1867 in Grouville, St Martin, Jersey, in the Channel Islands.


Her father, William Labey born 1839, was a fisherman and a Jersey native.


He also farmed 40 acres with the help of one labourer and two servants.


She had five siblings.


She died in 1949 in Weymouth, Dorset.


By 1901 he is living at 19 Russell Road, Hornsey, Edmonton and he is trading as a Cabinet Salesman.


Their daughter, Betty Labey Jeffries (196) together with her mother, father and brother undertake many cross Atlantic trips as will be seen in due course.


Edward, meanwhile, has begun work as a cabinet salesman. In 1911 they are living at 51 Leith Mansions, Grantully Road, Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale, West London.


Edward dies on 4th January, 1949 in The hospital at White Plains, Westchester, New York.


National Probate Record


His daughter, Betty, obtains probate.


The extracts below, which will be revisited in detail when looking at Betty in the next generation, indicate the strength of the American connection:


Aged 18 1921 living C/o Bradford and Nerrols, Taunton travelling with her father, Edward Jeffries, a 51 years old decorator. She was listed as a student.


Aged 21 1924 living at Nerrols, Taunton, Somerset and travelling with Jane Perchard Jeffries


Aged 23 1925 travelling alone and shown as a student living at 9 Upper Park Fields, Putney, London


Aged 26 1929 living at Nerrols, Taunton and travelling with Edward Coles Jeffries, a decorator, aged 59, living at 9 Upper Park Field, Putney, London


Aged 28  1931 living at Belvedere House, Nerrols, Taunton travelling with Mother -  Jane Perchard  Jeffries of Le Parcq, Faubic, Jersey


Aged 31 1934 travelling with her mother, Jane Jeffries, a 67 years old housewife. BettyŐs address is given as Le Parcq, Faurie, Jersey and she is listed as a secretary


Aged 46 1949 living at Hay, Dinwoody, 13 Springfield Crescent, Parkeston, Dorset with occupation of Secretary and travelling with her 82 years old mother, Jane Perchard Jeffries.




Westchester County in 1867