Frances Maria Jeffries (141) was born in 1874  in Peckham Rye, Camberwell.



She was educated locally and the family moved from 5 Peckham Rye to 25 Linden Grove, Peckham before 1891.


She married Robert Bruford (246)  on 15th September 1897 in Greenwich.




Brockley St PeterŐs Church, Deptford


He was a farmerŐs son, born 1868, at Nerrolls, Cheddon, Taunton, Somerset.


He was baptised at Brockley St Peter Church on 29th September 1898. In 1911 he was farming on his own account at Nerrolls. He had one elder brother, John Clitson Bruford.


Their father had also been named Robert Bruford who had been a very political animal in his day.



Western Gazette 27th January, 1922




Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 24th March, 1928





Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 28th November, 1931

This is the will of RobertŐs father.





            Western Daily Press 3rd January, 1940

Robert died on 29th December, 1939 at Fons George House, Taunton, Somerset.




National Probate Record


Frances Maria outlived Robert and she also died at Fons George House, Taunton on 29th June,1941




National Probate Record


Robert and Frances Maria had five children:



Eleanor Frances Bruford

Robert Bruford

Edward Jeffries Bruford

John William Bruford

Thomas Bruford

Born 1902

Born 1899

Born 1901

Born 1904

Born 1906