Francie Mary Smith (185) was born in 1874 in Good Easter, Essex.



Her twin was Lydia Ann Smith (183).


She was brought up at Wares Farm, Good Easter, She was still at home at age 17 in 1891 and is noted as an organist.


Ten years later she is an assistant nurse living at Hammersmith Hospital, South Hammersmith, West London. In 1911 she is still working as a nurse but now in a private capacity at 8 St Mary’s Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey.


This cutting, from the Chelmsford Chronicle of 17th December, 1935 throws an interesting insight into her work at that time.




Francis Mary never married and she died on 20th October, 1952 when she was living at The Laurels, Good Easter, Essex.



         National Probate Record