Francis Cuthbert Collingwood (236) was born in Devonport, Devon on 11th January, 1912.



            Western Daily Press 8th December 1933


He qualified as a medical doctor in 1935 and served in the Colonial Medical Service.

He was well qualified after University at Clifton and Bristol with M.B., Ch,B. after his name!


He married Dr Sylvia Elizabeth Smith (284) in 1940 in Surrey.




            Western Daily Press 30th December 1939


She was born 5th April, 1915.


Her parents were Mr & Mrs. Calvert H E Smith of The Green, Richmond, Surrey. He was a solicitor and his firm, today known as Calvert Smith & Sutcliffe, is flourishing in Richmond, Surrey.


Sylvia died in October 1990 in Exeter, Devon.





On 13thJune 1942 Francis, Sylvia and their daughter Elizabeth arrived in Liverpool, having embarked in Freetown in the Gambia. They sailed on the SS Silver Walnut.


            The SS Silver Walnut


He died November 1995 in Barnstable, Devon


Sylvia Elizabeth and Francis Cuthbert Collingwood had one child – Elizabeth Ellen Collingwood born 1941.