George Smith (24) was born 6th December, 1914 at Fairstead Lodge, Witham Essex.







He was educated at Felsted School between 1924 and 1930 when he left to work on the family farm at Glandfields, Chelmsford Road, Felsted where he spent the rest of his working life.


He devoted much time to the work of the Rural District Council based in Dunmow.


In his later years he was a keen bowler with a welcomed aptitude for green keeping.



Essex Newsman 27th February, 1932


Essex Newsman  16th November, 1912


 Glandfields heads up the Halifax Building Society Magazine


He married Edith May Plumbley (25) on 21st October, 1937.






 Essex Chronicle        22nd October, 1937



Edith May had been adopted as a child by Jeremiah and Rose Ann Plumbley.



JeremiahÕs grandfather had been an agricultural labourer in Cheshire. His father spent time as a Police Constable in Toxteth, Liverpool whilst Jeremiah was born in Tottington, Lancashire. He married into a family working in the cotton mills.


Jeremiah studied and qualified as a Surveyor and Sanitary Engineer and, after various posts in local government he settled in Dunmow and introduced water supplies and sewerage systems to the whole District.


Meanwhile, her birth family came from Romford.


Her father, George Chuck, was an agricultural labourer; her grandfather a gas stoker and her great grandfather came from an agricultural background in Ware, Hertfordshire.



Jeremiah and Rose Plumbley


Before she married Edith May was a professional singer and at one time was under contract to George Mitchell.  She continued to sing for many years after her marriage but only as an amateur.



She is here dressed in costume for My Fair Lady




On her motherÕs side her father in law was a bricklayer; her grand fathers in law were of an unknown occupation on one side and a cabinetmaker on the other. He may not have been the best of cabinetmakers or perhaps the need for cabinets had fallen. Whatever, he and his wife spent the last fifteen years and more of their lives in the Workhouse in Romford. This was the period 1881 to 1897.


Think back now to the two Pemberton brothers who had married into the Barnes family. They were at the height of their wealth and power during the period that the Byfords, Charles and Mary Ann, were quietly rotting in the Workhouse. Could any body have foreseen that Edith May Chuck when marrying George Smith three generations later was bringing together families which had lived only three miles apart in Romford and Havering-atte-Bower, one at the lowest end of society and the other at the highest.


However, those are the thoughts of hindsight and coincidence and Edith May would have had no knowledge of them at all. She became a professional singer before her marriage and continued with that for long afterwards.



In their later years



Chelmsford Chronicle 5th October 1934


Essex Newsman 23rd December, 1939



        George Smith accepts the Prize for the Best Kept Village



   Essex Newsman 23rd December, 1939


         Glandfields from the air


Edith May died in a nursing home in Bishops Stortford in March 1991 having suffered ill health for several years.




George died in The Croft Nursing Home, Dunmow, Essex December, 1994 three days short of his 80th birthday. He had survived a stroke some fifteen months or so before his death.



Their gravestone in the Congregational cemetery, Chelmsford Road, Felsted



George and Edith May Smith had three children:


Richard George Smith                 Born 1938


Geoffrey Norman Smith               Born 1944


Andrew Dudley Smith                Born 1947