Helen Jane Taylor (64) was born in Felsted, Essex in Q1 1873.



In 1881 she was living with her family at Felsted Place.


At the time of the census in 1891 she was visiting a friend at The Malting, London Road, Witham, Essex.


In 1901 she had moved to 68 Church Road, Croydon, Surrey where she was employed as a Daily Governess.


By 1911, at the age of 38, she was living at 168 Elm Park Mansions, Chelsea, London and her occupation was described as a Lecturer on Literature and a Lyric Writer.


She married a man born in Munich, Bavaria



I have found several references to her death in 1943. But if she did marry it was fairly late in life and there would have been little likelihood of children.



Helen Taylor collaborated mainly with and Australian composer,  May Brahe (Born Mary Hannah Dickson in East Melbourne in 1884). Amongst songs on which they worked are:


                As I Went a’Roaming (Helen Taylor), Enoch & Sons publisher

                Beaux and Belles (Helen Taylor)

                The Country Dance

                Bless This House (Helen Taylor)

                Recorded by Perry Como on http://www.songlyrics.com/perry-como/bless-this-house-lyrics/



                By Road and River, 5 songs (Helen Taylor)

                O Western Wind!

                Red Roofs

                The Call of the Maytime (Helen Taylor)

                Country Folk (Helen Taylor)

                Cradle Me Low (Helen Taylor)

                Cuckoo Calls (Helen Taylor)

                The Everlasting Love (Helen Taylor)

                Guess You Know (Helen Taylor)

                I Passed by your Window (Helen Taylor), Enoch &   Sons publisher

                I Thought I'd Forgotten (But Still I Remember)         (Helen Taylor)

                Life's Balcony (Helen Taylor)

                Messengers (Helen Taylor)

                A Northern Lament (Helen Taylor)

                Off to the Greenwood (Helen Taylor)

                Oh, Pray for Peace (Helen Taylor)

                A Pageant of Summer, song cycle for 4 voices          (Helen Taylor):



                                                          Traveller's Joy

                The Piper from Over the Way (Helen Taylor)

                A Prayer in Absence (Helen Taylor)

                Ring-Time (Helen Taylor)

                Shy Mignonette (Helen Taylor)

                Sitting at Home by the Fire (Helen Taylor)

                Song Pictures, 5 songs (Helen Taylor)        

                That's All (Helen Taylor)

                Through the April Meadows (Helen Taylor)

                Two Little Words (Helen Taylor)

                Yours Alone (Helen Taylor)

                Dancing Days (Helen Taylor)

1917, English, Book edition:

Three more songs of the fair / the words by Helen Taylor ; the music by Easthope Martin. [score]          


Matrix No.   First Recording

                   Date                         Title                                      Primary Performer        Description                                           


B-24780         1/5/1921            I passed by your window                                                           Frances Alda                                                                  Soprano vocal solo, with orchestra                                                      B-29873         4/9/1924              Bridal dawn                                                                            John McCormack                                      Tenor vocal solo, with violin, celeste and orchestra

BVE-32880   6/8/1925              Come to the fair                                                                         Elsie Baker                                                               Female vocal solo, with orchestra

BVE-38386   5/4/1927              Under the spell of the rose                                                          John McCormack                                               Tenor vocal solo, with orchestra

BVE-49240   12/7/1928            Under the spell of the rose                                                         John McCormack                                               Tenor vocal solo, with orchestra                                                [Trial 1924-03-28-01] 3/28/1924                                                  It is only a tiny garden                                                                                                Ruby Green                                                                 Female vocal solo, with piano           


The Matrix Number refers to Victor Recording Studios own records.





This beautiful song - which is virtually a nondenominational hymn - was published in 1927 and is the work of an Australian woman, May Brahe, and an English woman, Helen Taylor. Helen Taylor, a poet, wrote the original words for the song and titled it "Bless The House." Her friend, Mary Brahe, composed the stirring, devotional music that so warmly embraces the prayerful sentiments of the lyrics. Their combination sets a soaring and majestic tone to give the song emotional impact.

A few years after its publication, the song caught the attention of the world-famous Irish Tenor John McCormack who immediately recognized its potential greatness, changed the title to "Bless This House," made some minor revisions in the lyrics and included the song as a highlight of his repertoire. It also became one of his best selling recordings.

As a testimonial to the success of the song, "Bless This House" is still widely and frequently heard from modern day classical style singers.

Because so many of you have written to us requesting the words to the song we are publishing them here.

Bless This House

Bless this house O Lord we pray; Make it safe by night and day;
Bless these walls so firm and stout, Keeping want and trouble out:
Bless the roof and chimneys tall, Let thy peace lie over all;
Bless this door, that it may prove ever open to joy and love.

Bless these windows shining bright, Letting in God's heav'nly light;
Bless the hearth a'blazing there, with smoke ascending like a prayer;
Bless the folk who dwell within, keep them pure and free from sin;
Bless us all that we may be Fit O Lord to dwell with thee;
Bless us all that one day we May dwell O Lord with thee.








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