Joseph George Smith (11) Joseph was born in 1874 in White Roding, Essex.



At the age of 7 he was a scholar living at New Green, Bardfield Saling, near Braintree in Essex. Ten years later, at 17, he had moved with the family to Glandfields Farm in Felsted, Essex where he was recorded as a farmer’s son.


He married in 1898, in Dunmow, Essex to Ellen Grove (18) and they were to have three children.




Congregational Chapel, Great Dunmow, Essex



                                          Joseph George Smith



                            Chelmsford Chronicle 14th November, 1902



They had moved to Kingstons Farm, White Roothing by 1881 and were still there in 1891.


By 1901 she and her husband, Joseph, were at Bards Hall Farm, Mashbury Road, Great Waltham in Essex. They had moved again to Fairstead Lodge, near Witham in Essex by 1911.


Ellen died on 4th January, 1930. She had been ill for 2 ½ years. She was buried at the Congregational Cemetery, Chelmsford Road, Felsted.


                                                           Essex Newsman 11th January, 1930


Joseph’s first wife, Ellen Grove was born in Walkers Farm, Morrell Roothing – often amalgamated with White Roothing .


Ellen was the second of four daughters born to Edmund Grove (1827-1913) and Louisa Josling (1832-????).


Louisa was born in Morrell Roothing. Edmund was a farmer and had also been born in Morrell Roothing.


The eldest was Caroline Maria Grove (1869 - ????).


She was also born at Walkers Farm , Morrell Roothing. Caroline married, in Dunmow in October, 1894 a man by the name of Alfred Sarel. They had two daughters – Florence Gertrude Sarel born in 1896 in White Roothing and Ethel Caroline Sarel, born in Chelmsford in 1899. She was to die a spinster in 1925 in Romford.


Florence Gertrude appears to have been brought up by her aunt – Amelia Grove – see below.


The third daughter was Louisa Grove. She was also born at Walkers Farm, Morrell Roothing in 1876.


Amelia Grove  was born the youngest of the four daughters to Edmund Grove on 29th June, 1878 in Morrell Roothing.


Edmund was born 1827 and died 1913. His mother was Susannah and her birth was in 1797. He appears to have been a miller’s apprentice in 1841 at Lindsey Common, near Bishops Stortford although he was later a farmer. He had an elder brother, Frederick, born in 1824


Edward married Louisa Josling in Chelmsford in 1868.




In 1871 they were at Walkers Farm, Morrell Roothing.  By 1881 they had moved to Armswick Farm, Cooksmill Green, Writtle. They moved again to Kingstons Farm, Monks Green, White Roothing and were there in 1891 and 1901. They had returned to live in Armswick Farm by 1911.


Louisa was born in 1832 in Chignal St James. In 1841 she was living at Brick Barns, Chignal St James, Moulsham and she was still there in 1851. By 1861 she was at Coval Road, Chelmsford.  She died at Kingstons in 1902.


Her father was John Josling, born 9th September, 1798 in Woodham Walter, Chelmsford. He died in 1874.


Her mother was Elizabeth Hill. She lived from 1799 through to 1861. Her own mother was also Elizabeth and she was born in Norwich in 1764. Louisa appears to have been an only child.














 And so to the four daughters:


Caroline Maria Grove

She was born at Morrell Roothing in 1869 and she died in Danbury in August 1947. In 1871 she was living at Walkers Farm, Morrell Roothing and in 1901 she was at Kingstons.


She married, first,  Alfred Sarel in Dunmow during October 1894. Alfred was born in June 1851 in Broomfield. His father, Thomas Samms Sarel was born in Chelmsford in 1819. His father was George Sarel who had been born in 1781 and who was to die in Chelmsford in 1847. He had married an Ann Samms who was born in 1782.


Alfred’s mother was Caroline Josling and she had married Thomas at St George the Martyr Church in Southwark on 19 June 1847. Her father was John Josling who had been born in Moulsham in 1799. In 1841 he was at Brick Barns, Chignal St James and he remained there until his retirement to Coval Road, Chelmsford sometime before 1861. He died on 1st July 1883. He had married Elizabeth Hill who lived from 1799 through to 1860. She was born in Chelmsford and was baptised on 17 April 1799 in Good Easter. She died in 1860 and is buried in the Quaker Burial ground in Chelmsford. Her own mother was also Elizabeth, born 1764 in Norwich, who had married a William Hill.


Caroline Maria and Alfred Sarel had three children. Florence Gertrude born 1896 in White Roding. She died in Victoria, British Columbia on 19 May 1975. In 1901 she was at Kingstons. She was working as a house maid in Ilford in 1911. She sailed to Quebec, Canada from Liverpool arriving on 12 September 1912. Her age was given as 18. She married Edward O’Donoghue in Carleton, Ontario on 27 December 1914. I have not traced any children but I am sure that there was at least one son as I have memory of a Mountie visiting the family at the time of the Coronation in 1953.


The second child of Alfred and Caroline was Ethel Caroline, born in Chelmsford in 1899. She was to die in 1925 in Romford. In 1901 she was at Kingstons and at Armswick Farm, Cooksmill Green, Writtle in 1911. She married John Sears in 1921 in Ongar. They had two children – John S E Sears born in Ongar in November 1921 and Sheila P Sears born May 1923 also in Ongar.


Alfred Sarel died in Chelmsford in October 1914. Alfred and Caroline must have divorced prior to 1908, but after 1906 when their 3rd child was born.


Caroline remarried in August 1908 in Chelmsford. Her second husband was Willie Pizzie, born 1878 in High Ongar. He was a horseman on a farm and he died on 6th February 1953 whilst living at 2 Council Houses, Danbury, Chelmsford.. They had one son, Edmund, who was born in 1909 at Roxwell, Essex. In 1911 the family was living at Cooksmill Green, Chelmsford. Edmund married Elise M Pizzie in Chelmsford in early 1953. They did have the same surname so may well have been cousins.


Willie Pizzie’s grandfather, George, was born in 1800 in Kelvedon and farmed for most of his life at Copy Hold farm, Hooks End, Blackmore. He was buried at St Lawrence, Blackmore on 30th January, 1881. His son, Alfred, who was Willie’s father was born in Stondon Massey in 1831 and he spent most of his life in the Ongar and Roxwell areas. He died in 1914 in Chelmsford. Willie’s mother was Elizabeth S Glasscock. Her father, John, was born in Furneaux Pelham, Hertfordshire on 7th February 1806. He died in Royston in 1871. Elizabeth’s grandfather was William Glasscock, born 1784 in Stapleford Tawney, Essex.


Ellen Grove

Ellen was the second daughter of Edmund Grove and Louisa Josling. She was born in White Roding on 7th November 1870. She died on 4th January 1930.


In 1871 she was at Walker’s farm, Morrell Roothing. By 1881 the family had moved to Armswick Farm, Cooks Mill Green Writtle and in 1891 she was living at Kingston’s Farm, Monks Green,  White Roothing.


1n 1898 Ellen married Joseph George Smith in Dunmow. They had three children – Jessie Margaret in 1899, Cyril Grove in 1903 and George in 1914.


Joseph George re-married in 1931 to Mary Louisa Caton.





Louisa Grove

Daughter number three was born 20th January 1876 and can be found at Armswick Farm and Kingstons in 1881 and 1901 respectively.


She married, on 28 January, 1902, Horace Daniel Hockley who was been born on 24 June 1875 at Shrubbs Farm, Hatfield Heath. His own father, Daniel Henry, was born in 1836 in Little Sampford, near Thaxted and he had married a local girl in 1861 called Mary Ann Andrews. The grandfather was Daniel Hockney, born in Little Sampford in 18096 and who died at Debden in 1824




In 1881 she was at Armswick Farm and in 1911 at Kingstons.


On 14 April 1912 she arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada ex Liverpool, having sailed on the SS Corsican. The whole family emigrated together – Horace, Louisa and the children – John Edmund, born 1908, Douglas Horace, born 1906 and Ivy May, born 1904.


Douglas was born in Hawkswood Villa, Takeley, Essex on 29 December, 1905. He emigrated to Canada in 1912. He returned to England via Montreal in 1937 as Staff Sergeant with the Royal Canadian Artillery. He was a mechanic and was stationed at Pirbright camp in Surrey. He returned to Canada and was to die on 9 April 1987 in Victoria, British Columbia. He did marry and there was a son


Louisa died in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. I cannot find a date.  Horace died in 1965 in Bomanville.



Amelia Grove


Amelia, or Milly as she was to be better known was born, the youngest daughter on   29th June 1878 at Morrell Roothing.


In 1881 she was at Armswick Farm, staying at Marks Hall, White Roothing in 1891. She was back at Armswick in both 1901 and 1911.


She married  Henry Stanley Pochin in Dunmow in 1904. They had no children of their own. They were providing a home for Ethel Caroline Sarel, a niece in 1911. Henry died in Chelmsford on 5 November 1954.


Henry had been born in Clapham, Lambeth, Surrey in 1878. This was during a short period whilst his own father was living away from Leicester where the family had an ironmongery business. He seems to have taken to farming, presumably under Edmund Grove’s watching eye.




Amelia died in 1969 in Roxwell, near Chelmsford.




Joseph married, secondly, Mary Louisa Caton (29).


She had been born in 1882 at Clavering, near Abbess Roding.


They were married in Dunmow, in 1931.




         Mary Louisa Smith


At the age of 8 Mary Louisa was at Yewtree Farm, High Easter, near Dunmow, Essex where she was recorded as a scholar. In 1901 she was living at The Rectory, Abbotts Roothing, near Ongar where she was employed as a domestic parlourmaid for the Capel Cure family. She was doing the same work in 1911 at the age of 28 but she had moved employer to the Fitzwalter family at Shenfield, near Brentwood in Essex.



Joseph George died on 20th June, 1963 and is buried in the Congregational Cemetery, Chelmsford Road, Felsted, Essex.



He enjoyed two Silver Wedding anniversaries. 



                               National Probate Record





The gravestone in the Congregational Cemetery,

Chelmsford Road, Felsted



Joseph and Ellen had three children:


Jessie Margaret Smith                 Born 1899


Cyril Grove Smith                     Born 1903


George Smith                                     Born 6th December,1914



                   Glandfield’s Farm, Felsted, Essex