Louisa Hester Burrell (58) was born on 5th November, 1841 in Bocking, Essex.


In 1851 she was living on Rayne Road, Bocking.

Ten years later she was a guest of her Uncle and Aunt William and Ann Pemberton Barnes at 8 Grand Parade, St Mary Magdalen, Hastings, where she is described as the daughter of a wine merchant.



She  married in Camberwell in 1868. Her husband was a cousin, Benjamin Bingham Smith (57) who was born in Abbots Roothing in 1842, the son of Thomas Smith whom we met previously.  


In 1881 they were living at 24 Linden Grove, Camberwell and they moved to 62 Linden Grove by 1891. This road seems to have been favoured by the family over the years !


Louisa died on 15th December, 1899 whilst living at 6 Tennison Road, Norwood, Surrey.



Their children were:

Louisa Emma Smith                   Born 1869 in Surrey                        Died in 1871     


Louisa Emily Smith                   Born 1870 in Camberwell, Surrey


Hester Smith                             Born 1871 in Camberwell, Surrey


Amy Smith                               Born 1871 in Camberwell, Surrey


Frank Smith                              Born  1876 in Camberwell, Surrey        


Lizzie Smith                              Born 1878 in Camberwell, Surrey


Edwin Smith                              Born 1879 in Camberwell, Surrey


Bertha Smith                             Born 1884 in Hastings, Sussex


Unnamed                                  Born in 1881