Maria Smith (109) seems to have had a similar life to her sister Ann.


She was born in Leaden Roding on 15th July,1852.



She never married.


I can locate her at Leaden Hall, Leaden Roding until she was in her mid 20Õs.


The Parish Church at Shellow Bowells


In 1881 she was visiting Thomas Henry, a bankerÕs clerk, and his family in Albion Villa, Linden Grove, Camberwell.

Lodging there at the same time was her aunt, Hester Burrell nˇe Smith, then a 69 years old pensioner.


By 1891 she was living on her own means at Shellow Bowells with siblings Thomas and Ann.


She remained with them for the rest of her life dying on 3rd April, 1926.



The Thomas John Smith and Harold Smith who obtained probate were nephews.