Myrtle Dorothy Collingwood (228) was born in 1905 at Ashton under Lyme in Lancashire.



In 1911 she was living at 12 Edgecombe Terrace, Devonport.


She married Arthur Beresford Green (277) in December 1937

 in Brighton, Sussex.





            Western Daily Press 23rd April 1938


He was the stepson of Lt. Cdr. And Mrs Edward Basil Green. She was known as “Kitty”. She died on 29th December 1963 and was living at 4 Albion Gate, London, W2 at that time.


They also had a daughter, Desiree. She married Laurence West. They had a son Edward, West.


Commander Green was awarded the CBE. He was appointed to the Chairmanship of Doulton & Co. Ltd. He died in 1969.


Western Daily Press 1st April 1938


I can find little further information about them other than two boat trips made by Myrtle as shown below:

Travelled to Hong Kong on the SS Chusan ( P & O) arriving 12th June, 1967 from London to Cape Town, Colombo and then Hong Kong


Travelled from Yokohama, Japan via Shanghai, Colombo, Bombay to London arriving 3rd August, 1935 on board SS Mantua (P & O )


This may suggest that they have been resident in the Far East noting that their daughter Olive Eveline was born overseas