Peter Smith (110) was born in Abbotts Roding / White Roothing on 24th November, 1843.



He was farming at Leaden Hall, Leaden Roding in 1861 but had moved to High Trees Farm, In The Street, High Roothing by 1871.


 In 1869 he married Elizabeth Anne Millbank (161) in Dunmow, Essex. She was from Leaden Roothing where she had been born in 1845.


She was to die at Meghills, Leaden Roothing 0n 30th December, 1906.






In 1881 the family had moved to Margaret Roothing where Peter now employed 9 men and 1 boy on 300 acres.

He was still in Margaret Roothing at Brick House Farm, Marks Hall Lane in 1891.


He died in 1897 where the death was registered at Epping. Essex.



                                                      National Probate Record



They had eight children:


Florence L Smith                       Born 1870


Laura A Smith                           Born 1872


Eva Smith                                Born 1874


Kate Smith                               Born 1876


Thomas J Smith                        Born 1877


Mabel Smith                             Born 1879


Jessie Smith                              Born 1884


Harold Smith                             Born 1888



All Saints Church, Little Totham