Vincent William Lynn (239) was born at Herne Hill in Surrey on 30th January, 1911 and his address at that time was 89 Stradella Road, Herne Hill, London SE.




Essex Newsman 15th September, 1934


            Chelmsford Chronicle 27th June 1941


He married Mary Clare Behar (285) in Chelmsford in March 1942. 




Her parents were married in Camberwell,London in 1913.


He was Leon Behar and she was Harriet M Murphy. Leon was a Clerk working for the East India Company.


Leon was the son of Nissim Behar, a carpet salesman who had been born in 1862 in Turkey.


He had married Mary Jane who had been born in Cambridge in 1859.


Nissim took out UK nationalisation in 1897.

Mary Clare had been born in Croydon, Surrey on 16th March, 1920.


She died in Chelmsford, Essex in 1993.



Vincent William is reported as being a poultry farmer.


He died in Chelmsford, Essex in March, 2000.



Mary Clare and Vincent William Lynn had three children:


Janet Mary Lynn

Colleen M Lynn

Elizabeth A Lynn

 Born 1943

Born 1951

Born 1953