Walter Benjamin Smith (12) was born in 1876 in Little Bardfield aka Saling, Essex.



In 1881 he was a 5 years old schoolboy living at New Green Bardfield Saling. Ten years later and he is a farmerÕs son living and working at Glandfields Farm, Felsted where he remains until he is about 30.


                                           Little Bardfield Church



He married Mary Dudley Metson (34) in 1906 in Dunmow, Essex.





She was the daughter of John Metson, farmer, who had been born in Steeple Bumpstead in 1842 also farming in Bardfield Saling on the Stebbing Road. He has 142 acres and was employing 4 men and 1 boy in 1881.


He appears to have been widowed in about 1880, possibly consequent on the birth of a second daughter, Florence Metson.


He had remarried by 1891 to Elizabeth, who was another local lady born in Bardfield Saling in 1850.


Mary died on 18th October, 1965 at Totham Lodge, Broad Street Green, Great Totham, Essex. Totham Lodge was, and is , an elderly personÕs care home.



National Probate Record


Headstone in the United Reform Cemetery, Felsted, Essex:


ŌSloping tablet west end of kerb resembling a low wall, stepped in north west corner with

flower holder.

In loving memory of / MARY DUDLEY SMITH / died 18th Oct. 1965 / aged 87 years / and /

WALTER BENJAMIN SMITH / died 14th August 1968 / aged 92 years /Ō


Walter Benjamin and Mary Dudley were at LavenderÕs Farm, Ford End, Chelmsford in 1911 where Walter was farming on his own account.


Walter died in Chelmsford, Essex in 14th August 1968.



Walter and Mary had two children:


Ralph Dudley Smith                            Born 1907


Florence Marion Smith               Born 1910