William Burrell  (71) was born in Bocking, Essex in 1844 and seven years later was living on Rayne Road, Bocking.



By 1875, at the age of 27 William was living at 27 South Street, New Sleaford, Lincolnshire where he was working as an architect.


He married Julia Emma Stanton (148) on The Strand in London in 1875. 



She was born in Q3 1837 in St Giles in the Fields, Holborn, London.


Julia Emma died in 1914.



In 1880 they had premises at 10 John Street, Adelphi, Middlesex.


They were living at 175 High Street, Lewisham in 1901 where he described as an architect and surveyor,

still retaining that description at the age of 68 when he was living at 21 Slaithwaite Road, Lewisham.


We are fortunate to have located two photos of William, one of them in relaxed mode !


                                     Berners Roothing Church




         Contemporary photographs of William Burrell





William died at Orchardleigh, 21 Slaithwaite Road on 19th April, 1924.





They had five children:


Douglas Burrell                         Born 1873


Maud Hester Burrell                 Born 1876


Mary Elizabeth Burrell             Born 1879


Ethel Burrell                             Born 1879


Marguerite Annie Burrell        Born 1881