St Mary’s Church









Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Marshall from Stock were married on 30th October 1704


William Holloway and Ann Smith were married on 15th April 1754

Thomas Willy and Sarah Smith were married on 9th August 1762

~William Allison from Wickford and Mary Smith were married on 1st October 1792



Henry Smith and Sarah Fitch were married on 10th April 1806



John Smith and Ann May were married on 9th December 1818



John Smith son of Daniel and Eliza Smith was baptised on 24th August 1864

Elizabeth Smith aged 6 was buried on 8th February 1823



James Smith and Mary Maxry were married on 12th September 1836


Thomas Pease and Jane Smith were married on 30th August 1858



Thomas Smith and Eliza King were married on 22nd March 1862


John Smith aged 77 was buried on 2nd December 1866

Josiah Smith aged 37 was buried on 9th July 1873

Arthur Henry Smith son of George Samuel and Jane Smith was baptised on 11th October 1885

Maria Smith aged 75 was buried on 14th March 1886

Susannah Jane Smith daughter of George and Jane Smith was baptised on 20th February 1887

Henry William Hockley from Springfield and Florence Mary Smith were married on 23rd April 1908

May Smith aged 3 weeks was buried on 30th December 1909