St Andrew’s the oldest wooden church in the world





  Greenstead juxta Ongar



Smith Memorial Window




John Smith and Mildred Joyner were married on 28th June 1647


Laurence ??? and Elizabeth Smith were married on 2nd January 1650

Jane Smith daughter of Richard and Dionysia Smith was baptised on 13th December 1713

Jacob Smith son of Richard and Dionysia Smith was baptised on 12th May 1717

John Heard and Elizabeth Smith were married on 25th October 1764

Edward Smith son of Samuel and Sarah Smith from Stanford Rivers was baptised on 19th September 1781

Elizabeth Smith daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Smith was born 2nd November 1802 and was baptised on 16th December 1802

Daniel Cross and Rebecca Smith were married on 2nd May 1804

Mary Smith daughter of Edward Smith was born 31st December 1804 and was baptised on 13th March 1805

Edmund Thorowgood and Hannah Smith were married on 23rd December 1820

James Smith was born in 1831


Robert Poole Smith and Rebecca Perry were married on 16th June 1834


Eleanor Poole Smith daughter of Robert Poole and Rebecca Smith was baptised on 6th October 1835

Sarah Ann Smith daughter of Joseph and Ann Smith was baptised on 18th January 1837

Peter Smith son of Miles and Fanny Smith was baptised on 1st July 1838

Samuel Smith aged 70 from the Workhouse, Stanford Rivers was buried on 29th February 1852

Mary Catherine Smith daughter of Mary Catherine Smith was born in 1859

Sarah Smith aged 82 from Boringer was buried on 13th March 1875








Thomas Smith son of Simon and Mary Smith was baptised on 29th April 1764

Mary Smith daughter of William and Hannah Smith was born on 2nd February 1790 and was baptised on 22nd February 1790

Susanna Smith daughter of George and Ruth Smith was born on 25th January 1797 and was baptised on 24th August 179

Mary Ann Smith daughter of George and Lucy Mary Margaret Smith nee Cawkwell was born on 24th February 1815 and was baptised on 3rd October 1815