The lost church of All Saints, East Hanningfield



East Hanningfield


Robert Smith and Annys Thorode were married on 25th July 1564


Edward Smith and Annys Tyler were married on 3rd December 1564


William Smith son of William Smith was baptised on 2nd October 1614

John Smith son of William and Margaret Smith was baptised on 28th February 1635

John Smith son of John and Prudence Smith was baptised on 19th April 1649


Edmund Smith and Ruth Alleson were married on 4th October 1674


William Bugby and Bridget Smith were married on 2nd July 1675

Sarah Smith daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith was baptised on 6th April 1690

Peter Savin and Elizabeth Smith were married on 26th December 1698










St Mary and St Edward, West Hanningfield





West Hanningfield



Humphrey Smith and Joan Walker were married on 20th September 1595


Laurence Allen and Joane Smith were married on 31st December 1565

John Smith son of Robert Smith was baptised on 10th June 1604

Daniel Smith son of Henry Smith was baptised on 21st January 1615

Nicholas Smith son of Nicholas Smith was baptised on 19th November 1615


Christopher Smith and Katherine Arundell were married on 2nd November 1620


Robert Smith son of Edward Smith was baptised on 11th February 1629


John Smith and Margaret Warkman were married on 9th November 1630


Thomas Smith son of John Smith was baptised on 11th December 1634

Mary Smith daughter of John Smith was baptised on 1st November 1639

Elizabeth Smith daughter of Thomas Smith was baptised on 1st January 1646


Thomas Smith and Alice White were married on 1st March 1738