St Catherine







The quality of the early records is very poor

A child of Robert Smith being baptised in 1601?
Mary Smith daughter of Robert Smith was baptised in February 1605
Robert Smith son of Robert Smith was baptised on 28th February 1607
John Smith son of Robert Smith was baptised on 9th January 1609
A son of Robert Smith was baptised on 27th October 1611
Robert Smith was buried in January 1625
John Clarke from Stebbing and Elizabeth Smith were married on 4th February 1664

Philip??? From Sudbury and Rachel Smith were married own 14th April 1665

Charles? Reston from Long Melford and ??? Smith were married on 7th April 1670



Thomas Smith from Shipling? and Mary Robinson were married on 24th August 1680

Sarah Smith daughter of Thomas Smith was baptised on 4th January 1689

Samuel Smith son of Thomas Smith was baptised on 12th May 1692

William Smith the son of Thomas Smith was buried on 23rd September 1695

A Smith was buried on 6th May 1741



John Smith and Alice Norman were married on 16th October 1784

John Lee and Sarah Smith were married on 2nd July 1799 Marston?

Must and Alice Smith were married on 31st May 1804


John Smith and Elizabeth Ambrose were married on 5th of??? 1809

A child of Elizabeth Smith was baptised on 15th April 1810

Susannah Smith daughter of John and Elizabeth Smith born 30th November 1811 was baptised on 29th December 1811


Jonathan Smith and Hannah Piper were married on 1st April 1812


John Smith and Alice Golding were married on 5th June 1816

William Jocelyn from Sudbury and Sarah Smith were married on 14th December 1818

Charles Ager and Sarah Smith were married on 28th November 1847


John Smith and Maria Bellingham were married on 31st March 1849


Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Piper were married on 19th March 1870

Edgar Whittle from Horley and Ellen Smith were married on 24th May 1877


Edward Bird from Baddow and Alice Smith were married on 20th April 1878

Alfred Smith and Ellen Bird from Cavendish were married on 25th April 1878


Thomas Arthur Smith from Westminster and Rose Smith were married on 23rd September 1908


Jessie Dudley from Aldershot and Alice Smith were married on 10th October 1914



Will of William Smyth

28 Nov. 1503. (PCC Blamyr 31).

To be buried in Liston. To the high altar 6s. 8d. ; money to three parishes of Sudbury; to "Freres" of Sudbury 4os. and one of the priests to sing a trentall of Masses. Other monetory bequests for people to sing for his soul. Also

"I will that all such money as hath been paid for the workmanship of the Tabernakill of our Lady at Liston and shall be for the kerving and gildyng, myn executors shall pay theym and content for everything therto belonging. To the makyng of the batilment of the stepull ther £3. 6s. 8d.

His wife to have his house
"fast by Allhalowen Church in Sudbury called Reynolds".

His son John to have a tenement in Sudbury called John Clarows. The tenement called Gromes in Liston to his son William and all lands etc. except the tenement by the church gate late John Wellys on condition that he bestows yearly"whiles the world endureth" 12d. in bread, cheese and ale among people in the Rogation procession at Guggys Green.

A cross to be made and set up on the said Green by his executors- 20s.

Proved 4th January 1503/4.