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St John the Baptist



Little Maplestead



Elizabeth Smith daughter of John Smith was buried on 17th August 1703

William Binks and Sarah Smith were married on 30th March 1725

William Clark and Anne Smith were married on 8th April 1740

William Moss and Mary Smith were married on 30th October 1759

John Thompson from Pebmarsh and Anne Smith were married on 26th April 1763

John Smith son of Charles and Jane Smith born 29th December 1806 was baptised on 25th January 1807

Samuel Wendon and Thorsey Smith were married on 31st August 1818


William Smith and Elizabeth Clark were married on 27th April 1824


William Smith aged 40 was buried on 28th April 1829

James Byford from Pebmarsh and Elizabeth Smith were married on 24th March 1831


Oliver Smith and Harriett Byford were married on 30th October 1832


Sarah Smith daughter of Oliver and Harriet Smith was baptised on 3rd November 1833

Louisa Smith aged 5 months was buried on 30th May 1835

William Smith aged 1 year 9 months was buried on 21st September 1841


James Smith and Sarah Byford were married on 2nd February 1845


Georgiana Harriet Smith daughter of James and Sarah Smith was baptised on 25th July 1845

Mark James Smith son of James and Sarah Smith born 26th April 1846 was baptised on 27th September 1847

James Byford and Louisa Smith were married on 29th September 1850

Arthur James Smith son of James and Emily Smith was baptised on 15th October 1871

George Carter and Caroline Frances Smith were married on 4th May 1883

Mary Smith daughter of John and Louisa Smith was baptised on 10th June 1888


Walter Smith from Castle Hedingham and Margaret Henrietta Binks were married on 10th October 1899


Percy Frank Smith son of Walter and Margaret Henrietta Smith was baptised on 28th July 1901

Isaac Smith aged 79 from Halstead was buried on 8th February 1908