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St Mary














William Smith was buried on 16th January 1564


Thomas Smith and Jane Lambart were married on 23rd September 1565


John Edwarde and Jane Smith were married on 25th January 1573

John Smith an infant was baptised on 25th March 1593

Edward Comes and Bridget Smith were married on 22nd November 1598

John Reignolds and Margaret Smith were married on 17th September 1615


William Smith and Anne Hayes were married on 27th October 1636


Elizabeth Smith from South Hanfield was buried on 19th December 1704

Immanuel Markwell and Elizabeth Smith were married on 7th November 1782

Mary Smith daughter of John and Esther Smith was baptised on 15th March 1785

Mary Smith was buried on 28th March 1786


William Smith and Susannah Stubbins were married on 19th December 1786


Sarah Smith daughter of Esther Smith was baptised on 14th September 1788

Mary Smith was buried on 16th July 1789


James Smith and Susannah Hills were married on 13th May 1789


William John Wright and Caroline Smith were married on 18th January 1829


John Smith and Hannah Everett were married on 21st June 1837


Esther Smith aged 80 was buried on 5th August 1838

Sarah Ann Smith daughter of John and Hannah Smith was baptised on 12th August 1838

James Henry Smith son of James and Elizabeth Smith was baptised on 2nd May 1852

Charles Smith son of James and Elizabeth Smith was baptised on 6th August 1854


Alfred Smith from Rayleigh and Ellen Alice Cornwall were married on 11th October 1856


Mary Jane Smith daughter of Edward and Mary Ann Smith was baptised on 31st October 1858

John Smith aged 71 was buried on 20th November 1878

Henry Smith aged 43 was buried on 10th January 1880


William Smith from East Ham and Sarah Emma Ling were married on 5th November 1882


William Smith aged 65 was buried on 18th August 1901



William Smith and Ada Little from Rettendon were married on 31st March 1902


Archibald Ebenezer Alderton and Annie Smith from Vandon were married on 30th January 1909

Ada Smith aged 29 from Wickford was buried on 30th September 1911