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Sarah Smith daughter of William Smith was buried on 13th October 1691

Mary Smith wife of William Smith was buried 5th December 1696


William Smith and Mary Smith were married on 5th December 1696


William Smith was buried on 6th February 1705

Thomas Houchin and Margaret Smith both from Abbess Roothing were married on 11th October 1715


John Smith and Alice Green both from Moreton were married on 5th November 1715


Abraham Boltwood and Mary Smith both from Abbess Roding were married on 8th June 1716



Samuel Smith and Jane Stokes both from Stanford Rivers were married on 2nd December 1733


John Babrook and Ann Smith from Great Canfield were married on 24th January 1763

John Chapman and Ann Smith were married on 29th March 1783

Thomas Waller and Anne Smith were married on 5th July 1819