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Walter Smith son of George and Jane Smith born 25th March 1890 was baptised on 17 May 1899

Flora Jane Smith daughter of George and Matilda Ellen Smith born 27th January 1900 was baptised on 29th August 1900


John Smith and Mary Ann Sewell were married on 17th May 1902


Harold Douglas Smith son of Charlie and Sarah Ann Smith born 20th June 1902 was baptised on 13th July 1902

Beatrice Celia Smith daughter of Edward Rundel and Beatrice Smith born 1st April 1898 was baptised on 23rd July 1902


William Thomas Smith and Bertha Matilda Potter were married on 25th January 1903


Philip William Smith and Henrietta Alice Simpkins were married on 13th April 1903


Andrew Edward Neal from Blackwall and Mary Ann Smith from Canewdon were married on 16th June 1903

Harold Arden Nixon and Emily Mary Smith were married on 3rd June 1905

Edgar Thomas King and Ellen May Smith were married on 25th December 1905

Walter Henry Smith son of Edward and Katherine Smith born 22nd July 1890 was baptised on 24th November 1906

Edward Stephen Lloyd and Evelyn Philadelphia Smith were married on 2nd June 1908

Ernest William Smith son of Ernest and Minnie Smith born 24th August 1908 was baptised on 11th October 1908




Percy Hebert Smith and Florence Annie Anderson from Prittlewell were married on 23rd January 1909


Arthur William Wilson and Lily Gertrude Smith were married on 2nd June 1909

Edith Jeannie Smith daughter of Ernest and Minnie Smith born 5th November 1909 was baptised on 15th December 1909

John Robert Speck from Bayswater and Violet Amy Smith were married on 3rd February 1910

Ralph Thomas Butler from Notting Hill and Olive Frances Dorothea Smith were married on 8th October 1910

Charles Frederick Smith son of Charles Frederick and Edith Smith born 1st August 1897 was baptised on 4th June 1911











St Saviour


No Register entries in the name of Smith prior to 1912 ŠEd.